I am a mother, wife and wedding photographer on the seacoast of New Hampshire!  I love, love, and really that's why I shoot weddings! How could you make a day any more perfect, than a wedding day!? Two people, madly in love, getting dressed to the nines, then have the works of nails, hair, and make up done, and top the day off with gorgeous flowers and diamonds!

When I am not shooting you will find me wishing I could eat that non gluten free donut, and drinking my daily 5th cup of tea with honey and almond milk, or 100th glass of water. I really am a fish and it's ridiculous. I am a sun worshipper who will take any moment available to lay outside or at minimum be outside barefoot in the grass. Between soaking in the sun and shooting weddings, you will more than likely find me picking up legos or trucks or countless other toys, along with making a 15th snack of the day!

I like to pride myself on giving my couples a full experience full of love and attention from the moment you book with me. I am here to answer any questions that you may have and work my hardest to give you a seamless day. I want you to have a day that you can look back upon and smile huge smiles



Random Facts

• I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have been together thirteen years now! We have a crazy, active little boy, Travis.   #LifeAccordingToTravis

•  I promise to use my MOM VOICE to keep the groomsmen in line, and day on time. 

•  I keep way to many lists, I swear my lists have lists. And don't get me started on post-its!

•  I love indoor plants but can not keep any alive for more than 6 months, it's pathetic! Air plants are my new love, we will see how long they last too!

• I use too many exclamation points, but periods are just so blah!

•  I will absolutely be dancing with a camera in front of my face during your reception, and using it to hide the tears at  your parent dances. 

•  I am dairy free, gluten free AND egg free, I know... I am super fun! Yes, most of the store bought stuff does taste like cardboard. 

•  I truly LOVE talking about weddings and I will expect to hear all about your day, your proposal, your fiancé and your dress in full detail! Tell me it all! 


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