As a seacoast New Hampshire wedding photographer and resident I feel like you just have to love the ocean, and I am no exception. I love how we have the ability to see the ocean and rocky beaches in Rye and Newcastle, the amazing brick walks in Portsmouth and history of Exeter all in one beautiful day. I love to travel and by far my favorite city is London and I would die to go back and shoot a wedding there! So if you or a friend are planning a wedding across the pond, let me know! I love to see new places, cultures and architecture but I am a complete homebody and introvert by nature. My camera has become my perfect release and allows me to escape from my introverted bubble, with camera in hand I can take on everything!

I am a mother to an adorable, very busy, boy, who amazes me more and more everyday… and also talks more and more and more everyday. His name is Travis but I call him Buggie.. not sure where it came from, but it stuck!  I am married to the most amazing man who supports me in every one of my dreams! Well, most the time, sometimes I think he thinks I am crazy!

When I am not shooting you will find me drinking my daily 5th cup of tea (with honey and almond milk) ,  if it is cold or flat out on the grass, soaking up the sunshine if it is sunny and hot! Okay well that is where I would like to be!

Random Facts

• I met my husband in high school, and we have been together eleven years now! What?! Where did that time go!

• I have to have a nail file on me at all times, yes my camera bag will have one if not two, just in case.

•  I keep way to many lists, I swear my lists have lists.

•  I love indoor plants but can not keep any alive for more than 6 months, it's pathetic!

• I use too many exclamation points, but periods are just so blah!


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