Hello Couples! Below is a questionnaire that I have for you to fill out, this will give me a lot of important information about how best to contact you along with a general plan of the wedding day.  Some of this information you may have given me, but If you could, would please fill it out again that way we have it all in one easy to find location! :)

Thank you!!

Bride Full Name *
Bride Full Name
Groom Full Name
Groom Full Name
Please Include Name and Relation
( IE: Limo, Motorcycle, Hot Air Balloon )
( Sparklers, Silly String, Glow Sticks...)If Yes, How?
If Yes, Name & Contact Information
Ie: All guests asked to put away any phone, ipad, camera
( Along with name/relation, as to make getting everyone together easier )
I would love to be able to tag this on Instagram when posting your images.
Please include: Dress maker & Boutique where purchased.
Please Include Rental Shop & if the tux is a special make.
Please specify shop and if any additional floral are to be prepared by them.
Please specify if there are table décor/up lighting/table and linen rental

One last thing!

On the days leading up to your wedding day take another peak through your welcome guide at the details section to make sure that you will remember which items to have pulled out for detail shots. If we are also documenting the groom prep, make sure he keeps that in a pulled out area also.

Items including but definitely not limited to:
Bridal Gown
Veil - Garters
Bridesmaids Gowns
Brides / Grooms Shoes
Special Jewelry
Bridal Set and Grooms Ring (Remember ALL THREE RINGS)
Fresh Invitation
Special Book / Paper with Handwritten Vows
Special Gift or Note ( Don’t open or read until I arrive! )