Lets start at the beginning! How does this whole process work?!

Complimentary Engagement Session

Once you have confirmed your wedding day and secured it via contract and deposit we will get right down to the fun stuff! I am talking about that complimentary engagement session that you will receive. This comes with each of my wedding packages. I find that an engagement session is a very important first step to this whole wedding experience. This session allows us to meet up once more before your wedding day and this time truly get to know each other in front and behind the camera. I mean that's kind of important right! I will get to see how the two of you interact, you will get to see how I work and we will be able to build a genuine relationship, along with working out all those new person nerves before the big day! Engagement sessions can be scheduled any time leading up to the wedding day. Some couples ask what a popular time schedule is, but really that is up to you, if you are having a fall wedding and want a spring engagement session, go for it! If you are getting married in summer and want a winter engagement session, bundle up and rock that too! 

I've got your back!

From the very first moment that we have met and you have decided that you would love to work together , I will be here to answer any and all questions that you may have about your big day. Planning a wedding can be a very overwhelming, yet love filled, and I want to help you make this day as enjoyable as possible. Leading up to the wedding I will be asking you a handful of questions about your day and in the end I will provide you with a custom timeline of your day. This timeline can help you to take full advantage of our time together. This time line will break down your day into segments to make the photography go as smooth as possible. An important part of your day is the family portrait time, and it can be a bit hectic with trying to get grandparents and siblings all together and smiling at the same time, but with a small request I call your "Top Ten" we can get this scheduled in a running as smooth as can be!

Personalized Image Gallery

When it comes to your images, both from the engagement session and wedding day, they will be hand edited by me and placed on password protected online galleries. You will receive one gallery for your engagement images and another for your wedding day images. These galleries are stored on a URL specific to you, from your page you will have unlimited digital downloads and sharing abilities. You can expect 20-30 edited images from a one hour engagement session and 50 - 60 edited images per each hour of wedding day coverage.

My shooting style

 I like to shoot your day in a manner that I am able to capture it in a natural way, documenting it as it unfolds. I want to catch those love filled smirks and natural kisses as they happen. I love, love, and it is as simple as that, there is no need to be concerned about PDA in front of me, the more hugs and snuggles the better! I may be quiet from time to time while shooting, and it means that I am LOVING what I am seeing, and  do not want to disturb the natural loving beauty of it.  I love to hang back at receptions and photograph you interacting with your loved ones and new spouse. This is a day surrounded in love and truly meant to be fun and enjoyed. I want your pictures to bring back all of those amazing moments and feelings each time you look at them.  I have been called a ninja on more than one occasion and that literally sums up how I want to come across at your ceremony. I strive to bob and weave where ever I need to, to get that exact angle I want, but never be obtrusive or rude. Portrait time is a very important time when it comes to documenting your days story, and I will be there to guide you, mold you and create beautiful images, so no need to be worried about how to stand or what to do, simply smile, it is one of the happiest days of your life! Also do not be surprised if you see me busting a few moves ( who says that?!?) on your dance floor mid reception or crying a few tears at your parent dances, this is a beautiful day and I am honored to be a part of it! 

A few tips

Gather all of your details before the scheduled time of my arrival, this will allow me to grab them right away and getting to shooting. Once I have completed your details shots I will ask that your girls get dressed and get you in your beautiful gown. Here is a great list of to gather items: Brides & Bridesmaids Dresses, Groom & Brides Rings (all three), Necklace & Earrings, Shoes, Invitation, Bouquets. Other great items are gifts from the groom, perfume from the day, small clutch.

Perfecting your family formals
in the way of a "top ten." The top ten is a request that I have of you as a couple, to put together er a list of ten must have photo combinations from your family portrait time. This will also allow you to give your family a heads up prior to the big day, as to who must stick close after the ceremony and not yet run off to cocktail hour. The following is a great example: 1. Couple With Brides Parents, 2. Couple With Brides Parents & Siblings, 3. Couple With Brides Parents, Siblings & Grandparents, 4. Couple With Grooms Parents, 5. Couple With Grooms Parents & Siblings, 6. Couple With Grooms Parents, Siblings & Grandparents, 7. Couple With Both Families, now you will see that is a full list of combinations and it only equally seven combinations. Now this obviously changes with separated parents and extended families, but that is when it becomes even more important to put this list together. This list also helps to narrow down what you do really want from your images. Family portraits can easily be done in 30 minutes as long as a list is made and everyone is easily available. This allows all the family to enjoy cocktail hour for longer and us to get along to more couples portraits.

Allow for buffer time this is 15 minutes here or there to allow wiggle room. This is especially helpful when it comes to hair and make up that may fun over, traffic trouble from one location to the next, and family formals. Don't stress, everyone's family is like herding cats, and I've seen it all, we will make it through! 

Traditional wedding package additions

  • Heirloom Wedding Album - Hand designed 10x10, 20 page album with beautiful thick, lay flat pages to allow for full span image presentation. Crystal glass coated
    image cover with beautiful gilding on each page. Album holds 60-70 images.
  • Wedding Guest Book - Images from your engagement session along with white space for notes of love from family and friends.
  • Mothers Locket - Two or Three image, keepsake locket for the sweetest mother and mother in law gift.
  • Parents Album - Hand designed 8x8, 20 page album with your choice of leather, distressed leather or linen cover. These make for the perfect gifts to thank parents for all their hard work and possibly money planning your beautiful wedding day. Album holds 40-50 images.


Amy Brown Photography offers three wedding packages of varying options to allow you access to exactly what you need!
If you have absolutely no idea the amount of hours, then no worries, we can chat about your day and what you are looking for and together we can figure that out! 

Each wedding package comes with:
a second photographer to accompany me on your wedding day,
a complimentary engagement session scheduled prior to your big day,
and an online personalized image gallery.



This is the all inclusive package, not only will you get up to 8 hours of beautiful wedding day coverage and an engagement session,  but you will get a beautiful album to accompany both. Once we have shot your engagement session we will together pick out a handful of images and I will have a professional album designer lay out an 8x8 beautiful guest book album with white space allowing for all of your loved ones to sign their well wishes on your wedding day. Then again once your wedding day is completed and you have received your wedding images, you will have the opportunity to go through your images and select your favorites to be displayed in a 10x10 heirloom wedding album. This package is the best deal, allowing you to get not only beautiful wedding day coverage but beautiful pieces to keep for a lifetime. 




This package is a standard upgrade, complete with up to 8 hours of wedding day coverage, a complimentary engagement session and a handful of beautiful prints from your wedding day. Included in your prints is a statement print for your home, ready to be matted in a frame in the size 12 x18. You will also receive two in each size of the following, for you to decorate your home together or pass along as gifts to loved ones around you, 11x14 , 8x10 and 5x7.  



This is a beautifully simple package allowing for up to 8 hours of wedding day coverage and a complimentary engagement session to document this beautiful season of life. This package is directed to the bride and groom that understand that the beauty of the wedding day should be enjoyed and documented.


Remember with each package additional heirloom albums can be added to suit your needs, also ask me about my adorable mini albums that make perfect post wedding bridesmaids gifts! 

Additional main photographer hours can be added at $300/hour.


To secure your wedding day I will send you over an electronic contract to your and your fiances email address', you will be guided through the areas that you will need to fill out, initial and sign. We can also meet up locally and chat, answer questions and sign in person if you are more comfortable with that too! Upon signing the contract you will be required to hand over or send a non refundable deposit of 1/3 the package cost. From there you will be able to spread out your package payments as you need, until one month prior to your wedding day. All wedding packages and album purchases must be paid in full prior to your wedding month.

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