The Why | Why Do I Want To Photograph Your Wedding and Love


Why do I want to be a New Hampshire Wedding Photographer?

Recently I watched a #photographypowerhour , where a group of amazing professionals gave amazing tips, tricks and support. One of the tips was to do a blog post about my "why" and ya know what?! It's a perfect idea! So here I am about to let you all know why it is that I have choose to specialize in shooting amazing couples, their engagements and weddings.

Every one of my wedding packages includes an engagement session, but what more fun of a way to celebrate a new stage in your life! 

Then we move to your big day!

I think I really came to realize how much I love weddings and everything about them when I was planning mine, which is funny because after spending months researching and planning I turned around and planned an elopement in one month time! I can't lie, it is a lot of work and mental stamina to plan a wedding, but oh so gorgeous they are, and what a story they can tell!

I love every detail of your wedding day, the mornings start with all your best friends surrounding you, loving on you and helping you prepare for one of the biggest days of your life! The flowers are hand chosen and handled in the utmost of care to guarantee their freshest appearance, the diamonds are cleaned to a shine and well, EVERYTHING is perfect, just for YOU!

I love taking the time to set up your dress, jewelry and small details from your day, so that you will always have the beautiful photos to look over and remind you of every tiny gorgeous detail and moment. 

I think from all those images you can tell just how much I love bling detail shots!

I love positioning myself just perfectly during your ceremony so that I can not just catch you walking down the aisle hand in hand with your father, his anxious smile as he knows he will soon be giving away his baby girl and he hopes every wish he has had for you will come true,  but also so that I am able to capture your groom as he sees you for the first time walking towards him, as he takes in every inch of your beauty, seeing only you, I will be there documenting it all. Rest assure I will be grinning from ear to ear in pure happiness knowing just how happy you two will be together, and no matter what may be thrown your way, you will be a strong unbreakable bond.

I love knowing that from that day forward you will forever have your images to look back on and have every emotion of the day come flooding back to you. The happiness of having your amazing friends and family surrounding you, feeling gorgeous as you have your makeup and hair professionally done, and wearing the most amazing dress you have ever worn, the tinge of anxiety doused in ecstatic as you walk down the aisle towards your future, and the excitement of your first dance and dancing the night away

Lets not forget after the wedding!

I want you to come back to me and re-live all those moments again on your anniversary, your first year will fly by and every year there after will do so even quicker! Always remember to take moments to look back, and remember what brought you together, smile laugh and love on each other! We can even get you all dressed up in your wedding day garb again like these two! Because who doesn't like dressing fancy, and lets be honest, that dress was to expensive to wear only once!

So after that long winded "why", broken down into one sentence, I love shooting weddings because, I love documenting love.

And of course some more photos, because after the night is through, is is the photos that will allow you to relive each memory!!


Love these images?! Leave a comment and let me know which is your favorite! Or if you are newly engaged or planning your wedding, reach out today and I would love to meet up and chat and talk about documenting your wedding day too! For more information on how a wedding day with Amy Brown Photography works, click here!