Katie + Randy | Wagon Hill Engagement | Durham, NH


“How sweet it is to be loved by you!”
This New Hampshire wedding photographers heart was a fluttering when we arrived at Wagon Hill Farm in Durham, NH on this gorgeous night! Truthfully this seacoast, NH location will always be a winner in my book! The countless acres lend itself to dozens of amazing hidden nooks and crannies with the most gorgeous of landscaping and lighting! New Hampshire Wedding photographer win!

Katie and Randy have recently come home from hiking the Presidential Range, including not only Mt. Washington, which if a feat on its own to hike, but 12 additional mountain peeks! Woah! So having an outdoor engagement session surrounded by the beauty of New Hampshire nature was an absolute must!

I can not wait to spend more time with these two at their beautiful 2020 wedding at Flag Hill Distillery and Winery.

Thank you Katie and Randy for the honor of being the chosen photographer at your wedding. This engagement session was an absolute joy and I can not wait for your gorgeous wedding day!


Jocelyne + Cody | Engagement Session | Wagon Hill


Nearly six month to the day and these two will be tying the knot and dancing into their future at Rivermill at Dover Landing! I love when couples choose different seasons than that of their wedding for their engagement session and as these two will wed in fall, a spring session seemed very fitting! The seasons in New Hampshire are to beautiful to skip over!

It really doesn't seem to matter the time of year or the season that we are in, for ever time I visit Wagon Hill in Durham, NH I am always falling in love with every bit of its acres! Early in the New Hampshire spring season trees are still bare of foliage, and with that, the sun can pop so beautifully out from behind them. The glow, oh the glow! Wagon Hill + New Hampshire Wedding Photographer + The Glow! = Bliss! 



Renee + Kenney | New Hampshire Wedding Photographer | Wagon Hill Engagement Session

The light! The Love! The Adorable Daughter! 
Kenney and Renee were joined by their daughters at their engagement session, and sweet little Savannah just stole the moment! Wagon Hill in Durham, NH totally delivered for this gorgeous August engagement session, just check out that light! These two are so sweet, and it is so apparent from the very first moment of seeing them together, just how much Kenney loves Renee and I am totally in love with his constant efforts to make her smile and giggle.  I can not wait for their Flag Hill Winery + Distillery Wedding in September! 

New Hampshire Engagement Session | Wagon Hill | Durham, NH

I absolutely love shooting engagement sessions, or really any session at Wagon Hill, in Durham, New Hampshire, the landscape is just so beautiful! This location really has so many options from the gorgeous garden at the entrance to the gorgeous Bay views at the back! As soon as I met this couple and we spoke about their upcoming farm wedding, and how they both attended school at UNH, I knew that Wagon Hill was the place for them and I was so happy when they agreed! [...]

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