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As a New Hampshire wedding photographer I spend an exorbitant amount of time reading through many wedding magazines and I thought I would pick and pull and add my own two cents about ways to plan for a great, bump free New Hampshire wedding weekend!

Lets jump right in!

1. Do not cut your hair within two weeks of your wedding, this also goes for you spouse! No one wants to look back at their wedding photos and cringe at that "just cut hair" look or even worse, feel its so short but have no time for it to grow back a tad! Along those same lines, this is not the time to radically change your daily cut look!

2. Do not start tanning like a crazy person, this goes for both spray and beds! Not only will you look like a gorgeous Oompa Loompa, but unless your spouse and every person in your bridal party tans also, you will standout like a sore thumb. We want you to stand out for your beauty, not because you give people a craving for Doritos!  [...]

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New Hampshire Wedding Photographer | Becky & Chris Duggan | Newfields, New Hampshire | Farm Wedding

Every inch of the barn was cleaned and spotless, the apple orchard was rid of any fallen apples and each and every tractor was spotlessly on display.  As soon as I arrived to the brides family farm I was greeted by the groom, whom was riding around on his nephews bicycle, yup, from that moment on I knew it was going to be a great day with a relaxed and amazing couple!  I immediately went over to check out the fully decorated barn and reception tent, and was instantly blown away. This wedding could have very easily been a simple and plain back yard wedding, but it was nothing of the sort. The large entry to the barn, where the cocktail hour would be held, was decorated in perfect fall fashion, with hay bails and flowers. The rafters were wrapped in adorable bulb lights, which once lit at sun down cast a romantic, country feel to the whole barn. [...]

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Southern NH Wedding Photographer | Bay Bridal | Great Bay Discovery Center | Greenland, NH

This day could not have been more gorgeous, the sun was shining and the air had a perfect warmth to it, It was a perfect day to take your kids out to the local discovery center … yup. When my amazing friend agreed to go down to the Great Bay Discovery Center with me we never expected to stumble upon a dozen small children, all of whom had binoculars and one adorably cute boy also had on swim goggles ( no, before you ask, no they were not planning to swim in the bay, the goggles were simply an accessory, a neon yellow statement piece, and he wears them often, so his mother says ). Well we came around the corner to make our way to the board walk and had to walk directly thru all of the children and parents, only to then have them also turn and yup… follow us, all. the. way. After a brief pause and a few miniature onlookers broke out their binoculars to get a closer, much closer, look, they continued on their way and we had the walk to ourselves.

I swear when I came the week before to check out the location, it was as quiet as can be! [...]

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My Wedding Story | Personal

I have decided that since I send each of my brides home with a questionnaire after their wedding, that it would only be appropriate for me to actually answer the questions also! Here is a bit of insight into our day and the years leading up to it! :)

How did you meet your husband!? ( I know… does that ever get old to say? ) : I met my husband 12 ish years ago in our High School English class. We sat next to each other in the class and soon began to build a friendship, a friendship that would grow over almost a two year period before we ever came up calling each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.” I later learned that I had actually met him two years prior in our freshmen gym class, where he was friends with one of my really good guy friends at the time. I vaguely remember saying hello to him at one point, but that’s about it until english class. [...]

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Rustic Mason Inspiration | Personal

Is it strange that I just used up the last bit of battery juice taking photos of a mason jar in a wooden box…? No, no I didn’t think so, It is amazing how something so simple can spike alarge bit of inspiration. The mason jar sits upon my window sill above my kitchen sink and I can’t help but fall in love with it every time I look at it. I do not know if it is because I am a country girl at heart, or if it’s the way the purple flowers have wilted but still kept their strong purple color or the way the two blend so perfectly with the sturdy wheat. No matter what the reason I had to take a moment and grab my camera and my rings and shoot a few shots! I am always looking for opportunities to play and shoot my rings, I know I am biased but I just think they are beautiful. [...]

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