Moose Maniac | Bridal Shoot

So I have fallen in love again.. with a wedding ring, and nope, it’s not mine , oh so very scandalous! I have an amazing friend and past bride that let me take all of her wedding gear home and I was in heaven! Like really, she trusted me with her actual wedding set, shes the best! I was able to play with her lace wedding dress, shoes, silk white rose bouquet, white rose boutonniere, jewelry and hand made cake topper for hours .. or maybe at least an hour, until my little banshee woke up from his nap. Yes 95% of all the images I took were of her ring, but just wait until you see it and you too will be in love! I shot her wedding a few years back, and the trust she has always had in my vision is amazing, and I owe her such a huge thank you for trusting me with her wedding so early on in my learning, and it is something I will never forget! I know the colors that her actual party wore, so I thought it would be fun trying to match the green of her bridesmaids dresses in my shoot to bring it all full circle.

I included a pull back shot of the bouquet on the green to show you what I used for the color and how I had the background set up,  just to remind you that it is not about finding the perfect area but about the eye to make the area perfect.  A pullback is terrifying to me, it’s like going out of the house in my glasses or without any under eye make up on … yikes! No one needs to see those bags! But I felt I needed to include it to keep it real!

Enjoy and yes I did wipe off the drool and rip the rings away from myself and give them back.

The bride also included her Mr. & Mrs. Moose cake topper in my goody bag and how adorable is it?!

Yes I took far far to many photos of her rings, but seriously how amazingly gorgeous are they!!