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I have decided that since I send each of my brides home with a questionnaire after their wedding, that it would only be appropriate for me to actually answer the questions also! Here is a bit of insight into our day and the years leading up to it! :)

How did you meet your husband!? ( I know… does that ever get old to say? ) : I met my husband 12 ish years ago in our High School English class. We sat next to each other in the class and soon began to build a friendship, a friendship that would grow over almost a two year period before we ever came up calling each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.” I later learned that I had actually met him two years prior in our freshmen gym class, where he was friends with one of my really good guy friends at the time. I vaguely remember saying hello to him at one point, but that’s about it until english calss.

What were you thinking when proposing to your wife? ie: How nervous were you?!: Ben is not here to answer this, but I can imagine he was pretty nervous because he ended up with one of his really bad migraines that night. We actually had only been dating for about a year and a half when he asked me on Christmas eve to marry him.

What were you thinking while walking down the aisle?: I can not believe it, but this was 5 years ago, which is crazy to think! I can remember walking down towards him and just staring up thinking OMG I am about to get married! This is insane and I love it! We were engaged for a few years before actually planning the wedding, and I had originally decided on June 25, 2011, i am not sure why, but in May 2010 I decided, I wanted to marry on June 25th 2010 instead. That say marked the 5 year anniversary of us dating, and it would not have been any more perfect of a date. So in one month I finalized my dress, and planned out our perfect “mini wedding” I say mini because we only had 12 people at our wedding and it was perfect.

What was the funniest thing about the day?: While we were standing up at the gazebo saying our vows I looked down at our family all smiling and watching, and couldn’t help but giggle a bit as I looked at my grandfather whom was fast asleep in his chair! It was a few years later that he passed away, and this silly moment it one I will always remember and cherish, happy that he could be at our special day.

What is a special moment from the day?: We got married at a resort in North Conway, which is a place that we have always gone to on our anniversary weekend, and at some point during the weekend we usually always go mini golfing and kayaking, so of course we had to do both during our wedding weekend! We actually left straight from our dinner to go mini golfing, completely dressed still in tux and dress, we went with a small few of the wedding guests and it was a blast. I can not remember who won that night ( surprisingly, because we are both quite competitive) but It is something special that I will always remember about that whole day. While we were walking back to the booth to return out clubs a little girl actually came over to me wanting a picture because she thought that I was a Disney princess… how stinkin cute is that! So of course we had our picture taken, and I will always love that moment!

MORE?!:  One more moment that I will always be appreciative of is the fact that my father was there to walk me down the aisle. We had a very rough relationship in the years prior to my wedding and it really was a last minute decision to even have him walk me, I had it all planned out how I would actually walk myself down. It has now almost been two years since he has passed and I think about all the mess and stress of our relationship and I am happy that for at least that moment it was put aside.

Two years ago  Ben and I had our amazingly smart little man Travis and I have been talking about how I wanted to get a “mini” ring to symbolize him, to add to my band set. A few months ago some how or another in all my dainty gracefulness I actually took a chunk out of my diamond, so while I was at the jewelry store I happened to find a mini band, exactly like our wedding band but mini in size, and Ben surprised me by purchasing it for me. I just recently picked up the set from being fixed and soldered together, and he surprised me again! On  the back of the mini band he had
“Travis Benjamin 4-15-13″
engraved, and I just love it! How sweet he is to surprise me! It just reminds me again how lucky I am to have him as an amazing husband and true best friend, and how lucky our son is to have him as a loving father.

xo <3

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