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I love being a New Hampshire Wedding Photographer, I mean seriously, I am surrounded by the more beautiful locations!

This day could not have been more gorgeous, the sun was shining and the air had a perfect warmth to it, It was a perfect day to take your kids out to the local discovery center … yup. When my amazing friend agreed to go down to the Great Bay Discovery Center with me we never expected to stumble upon a dozen small children, all of whom had binoculars and one adorably cute boy also had on swim goggles ( no, before you ask, no they were not planning to swim in the bay, the goggles were simply an accessory, a neon yellow statement piece, and he wears them often, so his mother says ). Well we came around the corner to make our way to the board walk and had to walk directly thru all of the children and parents, only to then have them also turn and yup… follow us, all. the. way. After a brief pause and a few miniature onlookers broke out their binoculars to get a closer, much closer, look, they continued on their way and we had the walk to ourselves.

I swear when I came the week before to check out the location, it was as quiet as can be!

We broke out my hand made, $15 Walmart wildflower bouquet and got to work! Now I have to say I was concerned, as I always am when I try to get my pinterest groove on, but I think it worked out pretty darn good! Much to my surprise, when I started googling what the flowers were in the bouquet, I found out that the giant green “flower” was actually decorative kale! Yup, never would have thought it was such, and I most definitely would never have thought I would have found such a specialty looking plant in a grocery store bouquet!

Wildflower Bouquet, Pink, Purple and Green Bouquet.

Wildflower Bouquet, Pink, Purple and Green Bouquet.

I love how this simple wildflower bouquet turned out! The pink, purple and green color scheme is perfect with the Bay as the backdrop.

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