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As the New Hampshire wedding season is coming to a close yet again, I like to look back at all of my beautiful weddings. This year I have noticed a common theme of D.I.Y. guest books. I love anything D.I.Y because it helps take a base black and white wedding and makes it 100% you. This year I have seen "guest hearts", "guest wine barrel" and even "guest planks" A few years back I even had a couple with a "guest bench!" 

This got me to thinking of how else a bride could take a traditional guest book and make it special. Traditionally guest books are a simple satin covered book with lines for a guest to sign with their name and a message. After that the book makes its way home to the hope chest or book shelf and is rarely seen again! How sad! 

I do love how brides have began to make these more couple specific, but the common denominator that I have been seeing is that guests are only signing their name. This comes to be more of an attendance list than a real love message moment. I could not have been happier when the perfect solution presented itself! 


A guest book, address book! 


Now before you shoot me down, hear me out! I know most of us have never had, or even thought about owning, an address book, with the easy access to our mobile contacts in our phones, but #Adulting ! It is time! It is time for a proper address book. It is time for a proper book to put Aunt May and Grandma June's contact information in! Not only will this protect you from embarrassing butt dials, but think about how sweet it will be to see their love messages each time you look up their address to send a thank you card and holiday card. Yep, you adult, you! You now need to send out all those holiday cards! But let's focus on one thing at a time! 

This guest book from Basic Invite makes for a perfect base to this D.I.Y. project! For starters there are soooo many different cover option to choose from! You can go with a photo cover with gorgeous script text or a sweet chalkboard and blossoms look. Better yet you can even match your invitations with your guestbook and then your thank you cards! Talk about easy one stop shopping too! Basic Invite also has a super easy online order process, where you can see all your proofs prior to purchase, and there is even an option for them to hand check your order for any possible problems. Let's be honest wedding planning is stressful enough so anything to make the process easier is a huge WIN! 

All of the guest book options come with a great streamlined look on the inside. Simply select lined when placing your order. Inside there will be a two block set up. One box will read Name and Contact Information and the second will have room for the sweet messages. So really Basic Invite has you covered for a huge chunk of this D.I.Y project!  Talk about easy! 

One of my favorite cover designs that they have is a wood look cover, I love the natural feel of it and I absolutely looooove the fact that you can match it with a real wood invitation! Yes real wood! With Basic Invite you can bring the details of your day full circle by sending out a gorgeous invitation suite made out of real wood, and upon the guests arrival they will again see the wood design in the guest book. I feel like this helps to bring out the personalized details of your wedding day to really make it scream you!

High five to Basic Invite for making the ordering process and theme  so insanely easy! Aside from picking which collection is your favorite , because with over 200 invitation design options, 180 different paper colors and 50 envelope colors, that could take a bit of time!!

Also remember those holiday cards that I mentioned... yep they have those too! They will even address them in gorgeous calligraphy and mail them for you! Really how much easier can that get! I may even be able to get out my Christmas cards this year with their help!
I have totally been failing on that front! 

What You Need:

1. Guest Book with Lines Inside - Basic Invite
2. 1 Pack of Index Tabs - $5.50 on Amazon
3. Wine or Tea - Reader's choice

What You Need To Do: 

1. With 26 letters and 50 pages in your guest book you will need to do some quick math, or just wing it if your not insanely type A like me!

Also keep in mind that if you come from a family with a love of people with the last name Z you are going to need a lot more of those 50 pages divided out under Z than someone like me with a family of G and B. 

2. Stick the alphabet letters on your pages, working down with each letter, so that each letter is visible.

3. Drink your drink, you deserve it, that was hard sticking work! 

How easy was that!? Now make sure to IG tag me in your DIY project @amybrownnh ! 


This is a guest post courtesy of Basic Invite, but I stand behind that fact that I genuinely love their products.  Basic Invite has tons of options from guest books, to what feels like a million wedding invitation options, to thank you notes and baby announcements... hint hint. ;)