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It has been quite some time since I got my camera out to take photos of my little man, he's not exactly the easiest to corral into nice clothing and look at the camera for any given amount of time! We started out the morning chatting about how I wanted some new photos to love on, and then a bit of time later brought it up again, and we made it outside! Yes my kid is just as difficult to get in front of the camera, so when you have your family sessions, don't you worry! Everyone goes through the same battle!

And here's a little side by side throw back photo! I just can't even!  Each month of Travis' life I got out the little lego truck, plopped him in, sun or snow, and shot! Look at that size difference! One month to Five Years!

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Personal | Travis Benjamin | New Hampshire Apple Blossoms

Little man, I love you. I love your spunk, I love your love, and I even love your questions... Most the time.  As a New Hampshire photographer and mother I know all to well how fast kids grow and change so when I stumbled upon there GORGEOUS apple blossom trees just down the road from me I knew I had to come back and shoot there!

With a little coercing and bribery we made out way and we made it through the whole session without a grass stained knee! That happened on the way back to the car.

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My Wish For You | Personal

My husband and I have recently purchased a new home, and we are in the midst of giving it the love it needs, and earlier today I spent my afternoon re installing outlets and light switches and it got me to thinking about my father. It has been nearly three years since my dad has passed and hardly a day goes by that I do not see something or do something that reminds me of him... and god how scary it is when I do something and realize, yikes I am my father daughter! The following is a post that I wrote on my personal Facebook page and it started the ball rolling of what my wish is for you. My wish for my son and each of you newly engaged and newly married couples is that you find a spouse that CHOOSES you. 
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My Wedding Story | Personal

I have decided that since I send each of my brides home with a questionnaire after their wedding, that it would only be appropriate for me to actually answer the questions also! Here is a bit of insight into our day and the years leading up to it! :)

How did you meet your husband!? ( I know… does that ever get old to say? ) : I met my husband 12 ish years ago in our High School English class. We sat next to each other in the class and soon began to build a friendship, a friendship that would grow over almost a two year period before we ever came up calling each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.” I later learned that I had actually met him two years prior in our freshmen gym class, where he was friends with one of my really good guy friends at the time. I vaguely remember saying hello to him at one point, but that’s about it until english class. [...]

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