Caitlyn + Jim | Surprise Engagement | Flag Hill Winery Lee, NH

I officially love surprise engagements! I mean really anything surprise is a blast to photograph, because those emotions are so real! When I received my first email from Jim, a month and a half out from the engagement day, I was so giddy with excitement! I reached right out to Christa at Flag Hill Distillery and Winery and she was equally excited, because well, we love, love!! 

On the day of, I was a total creeper and was hiding behind the trees to watch Jim and Caitlyn's tour of the vines and the animals on the property and then jumped under the cover of the tent to hide as they came around the corner to "The SPOT" This is where I strolled out to "be the vineyard photographer" and got everyone together for a great photograph of the tour group, "for the website"!

" Let's just get a quick shot of you two together!"

Yes, Girl it is happening! ^ 

Probably one of my favorite moments, notice Jim's hand... he's mid sentence saying " but I haven't asked yet!" Caitlyn was too excited and jumped up to his arms yelled Yes right away! Adorable! Then the tears really started! 

We had to of course follow it up with an impromptu mini engagement session!

Had to finish out with this total candid shot, ^ yep, it's hitting her,

A big thank you to Jim for reaching out about documenting your special day, it was an absolute blast to be able to watch and shoot! Caitlyn, congratulations!  With all that work and planning to make this such a memorable day for you, he's definitely a keeper! 

Also thank you to Flag Hill Distillery and Winery for having such a beautiful venue!