Oh Snow!! | New Hampshire Family Photographer | Personal

Yesterday we were so lovingly blessed with 6+ inches of snow, ugh, I was very much loving the fact that I wore flip flops on Christmas and hoping that the snow would at least hold off until the first of the year... nope. My little worker bee had to get out ASAP to start clearing snow away, first thing this morning we looked out the window and he noticed that the neighbors steps had not been shoveled, so he said he was going too. As soon as we dressed and walked outside, he high tailed it out front and started shoveling! So sweet! He stopped once looked around and goes "Oh the neighbors are going to be so proud of me!" I mean at least hes not vain or anything!

Once their steps were good and cleared, and I think he did a pretty good job for being two! We had to move over to re clear our steps, and the working tongue made its appearance!

Oh and a one week ago flash back image...... :/ womp womp, it's just so much more work to put on all these layers! I am happy to say that once we are out we do stay for an hour or so, I was nervous it would take longer to get dressed than the time in which he would want to be out there!

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