Beauty Revived | 50 Most Beautiful Women | New Hampshire

As a small time New Hampshire family and wedding photographer I was completely humbled to be reached out to by Beauty Revived, and invited to partake in an amazing magazine spread highlighting women and their natural beauty and strength.

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Beauty Revived on their "50 Most Beautiful Women" campaign. They are an amazing organization that focuses on the real beauty of women. My favorite excerpt from their website is: " There seems to be a need for women who are not afraid to stand up and show that it matters very little what they look like, but rather matters a great deal who they are.The funny thing is these women don't like to be in the lime light. They don't feel deserving of praise and admiration because, well they don't do the things they do to gain the praise of the world. They are good because they know goodness and they are brave because they know who they are." This is why Sarah was chosen to represent New Hampshire, Sarah is the rock of her home and no matter what the circumstances, be it cancer or miscarriage she stood strong for her family. Check out the write up and leave her the love she deserves.


Sarah and her husband Chris were all smiles as they prepared for their first born daughter Sophia's first birthday when out of nowhere Chris collapsed to the ground in the party store parking lot. After a terrifying ambulance ride and emergency MRI, their worst fears were realized, at only 27 Chris was showing signs of brain cancer, it would be nearly four excruciatingly long days later that they would come to know that is was in fact cancer.

" May 4, 2014 was the day our lives were forever changed. If I close my eyes I swear I can remember every moment of every day for those first few months. The memory of him collapsing in front of me and picking up my cell phone to call 911 is clear as day. The ambulance drive to Portsmouth where we were told he had two large masses in the center of his brain are words I will never forget. The doctors at Portsmouth ER explaining to us they didn't know what the next few hours would hold as they had never seen tumors placed like they saw on his MRI before. The moment we were rushed to Boston and I packed up my house in less than 5 minutes to rush into the city, not knowing if when I got there he would be alive or not. I remember every surgery, every doctor, every nurse, every morning briefing from his team of neurologist, every ICU he was placed in... ALL with our 11 month old daughter on my hip. I was never able to break or take a moment to cry. I did what it took to see that our daughter was as happy as she could possibly be, I never let Chris know I felt fear. I pulled all nighters, trying to keep up with work and travel into Boston at night when Sophia would go to bed so I could be with my best friend.

Let me tell you, I thought I was strong before, but boy was I wrong. Life can be so unpredictable and there have been so many moments of uncertainty, but finding a reason to be thankful every day and making sure to stay grounded no matter what life throws your way is what's really keeps us going. We have so much to be thankful for. Even though we still struggle with finding ways to cope, we smile and hold our heads high knowing that no matter the challenge, we will get through it together, as a team.

I am so incredibly proud of my husband. I am beyond thankful for every new day with him. we are blessed beyond words. "

When stressful things happen to people it is the home front that must stand as the rock and support system and it seems to be that the rock is often forgotten about it. Sarah was and continues to be the ever present rock for her family and husband.

In order to fight the cancer within his body Chris had to under go weeks and weeks of radiation treatments, which could have very easily taken the reality of more children away from this couple in an instant. They together choose to leave children in the hands of God and if He saw fit then they would conceive. The couple did in fact become pregnant, a pure miracle per the words of the doctors, but something was just not right and that little one did not come to join us on this earth, but mere months later a rainbow baby is growing strong and healthy. Even in the darkest days plagued by cancer and miscarriage Sarah held her head strong, together with Chris they went through things that no couple, never mind a couple so young should have to battle through, but together they fought on. Together they have overcame and together they are growing their family and their love even stronger. Little Aubree Grace is due January of 2016 and she is a pure sign that life can and will go on stronger and more beautiful than ever.

 Beauty Revived 50 Most Beautiful Women - New Hampshire