Hampton Beach, NH | One Year Session | Emmery


It is amazing to think that as a New Hampshire family photographer I was able to hold a family session at the beach in January! This week was beautiful and this family is amazing and trusted my vision of having this session at the New Hampshire coast.

It is hard to believe that little Emmery is already one year old! My journey with her started back during my spring mini sessions in Brentwood, NH at just a few months old! She is a very serious little munchkin and insists on staring at me like I am crazy when I try to get a smile, but never the less we end up with an adorable grin!

I am so happy to say that we had a warm 45 degree day this past week for the perfect session down at the dunes of Hampton Beach. And Yes I do realize how completely crazy I sounds saying a warm 45 degree day, but when you live in New Hampshire and you survive the negatives day after day, 45 is a total heat wave! Down at the oceans edge the wind was sure howling but luckily the dunes acted as a perfect wind blocker, and the sea grass a beautiful natural background.

Exeter_New_Hampshire_Family_Beach _Photography

There is just something I love so much about little cheeks and eyelashes!

I love this little side by side comparison from this one year session to the girls at the spring session earlier last year.


If you would like more information about a New Hampshire family photography session please feel free to contact me today and we can get you scheduled in! In the mean time check out more information about how it all works here.