Exeter, NH Family Session | Mother & Daughter Duo


I have to say I was a bit concerned about the timing of this New Hampshire family photography session. January in NH is not know for being warm and cozy, but it ended up being a calm 41 degree day and was perfect! After a slight mishap they were all smiles and working the camera. I may or may not have climbed the guard fence in Swasey Parkway and almost slid down into the Exeter River, but I mean anything for the angle right!  As long as someone else was holding my camera and I didn't rip my jacket I was perfectly fine! 

I have gone through and spent time staring at each of these images and I still can not believe just how young this mother looks, she truly knows the secret! Just try to guess who is who! Both of these ladies were great to work with and they were such sports to tromp about the ice covered snow in Swasey Parkway and surrounding areas in Exeter, NH!

For sneak peeks as always follow here!

If you would like more information about having a New Hampshire family photography session please reach out today and we can get you schedule in! In the mean time make sure to check out here, for all the information on how a session works!