Fathers Day Session D.A.D | Swasey Parkway | Exeter, NH

Every year on fathers day and mothers day I see the little collage style pictures with the letters DAD and MOM, and this year I got my butt to the craft store and bought myself a D and an A! I am in love! It is so simple and yet so adorable! I did a few mini sessions because that’s just how I roll, something so cute has to be shared! I also had the thought afterwards that this would really work for any holiday or even birthday, a simple I, U and a heart and you have I ♥ U !

I packed up our gear and headed to Swasey Parkway in Exeter and then proceeded to beg, plead and chase around two crazy two year olds, until we got what is a perfect two year old smile… crazy little things but oh so adorable! After wiping away all the crumbs and dirt, the crazy things were good to go and of course the littlest munchkin was a perfect angel grinning away the whole time!

After I did a few DAD sessions I had to then go back to the craft store and include my little mans Bumpa in the mix for this fathers day treat, because he sooo loves his Bumpa. We did our own little set up again right in our front yard, and as you will see by the time we got to the end of B.U.M.P.A …  he was over it, but I think it makes it perfectly him!

 DAD and BUMPA photos for fathers day

DAD and BUMPA photos for fathers day

Yup ... there was no way I was getting him back on the blanket for that last A !