Autumn | Family Session | Conner Farm | Brentwood, NH

I think that one of the big perks of having a child of my own  is that when I go to a family session that includes young children I can totally understand where the parents are coming from and how they are feeling, when that child takes off at a sprint away from them and the camera. Kids are spunky and for the most part they really do not want to sit still and say “cheese”, kids take patience ( I know, crazy thought right! ) and they take extra care to make them comfortable and natural. This little man Logan really wanted very little to do with sitting, but he was very, very interested in the “deer” that was roaming in the trees around the field, so rather than force him to sit we took a little stroll around and in that quick time he decided that the camera wasn’t quite so bad and we got some adorable, smiles on a mud covered blanket, because also kids like to climb across the nicely laid blankets ( and pull properly folded clothes from drawers and food from cabinets… little mischief makers!) … a quick sorry to Logan’s dad, his bum got a bit wet from the quilt… must remember a waterproof under layer for my blankets!

I love the way this family planned out their outfits, the red color is perfect for fall and it is not overwhelming because each piece is a bit different. It's so perfect how the little mans red sweater matches so perfectly with dads sweater and moms scarf! Good outfit choices mom!
This is a perfect example of what to wear to a fall family photo shoot!