Spring Mini Session | Conner Farm | Brentwood, NH

I have to start by saying this is probably my favorite location that I have shot at, and my favorite time of year to shoot here. In the previous times of the year the grass was much shorter and obviously still beautiful, but now, late spring, the grass is a good foot to a foot and a half tall and just starting to sprout, this making it the perfect length to dance in the wind and really feel engulfed in it. I am a total country, organic photographer and I love the clean look of the  multi-tonal green grass against the blue sky.

I arrived early as always to get the lay of the land and lay out my blanket and chair that I would be using as location starters. I call them starters because with children you never know exactly where they may land and I like to travel with them, so these two locations make good home bases! I did have to do a few full body rolls on the blanket to pat down the tall grass, and once I was done and pulled the blanket  back up, it looked a lot like a crop circle, so if you hear of any alien sightings … ;)

As per usual all of the families were amazing and the children adorable! Some of the families were kind enough to allow me to share some of their images.