Cold But Cozy | Family Session

It was a cozy 30 degrees in November with a tad bit of wind when we shot these images, so to be honest I was a bit nervous about how these kids would fair, I mean seriously its cold and they have to take off their jackets and smile… in a happy manner! My little man sat watching from our house window, banging to come outside, but we were able to fly through this shoot in a blistering 15 minutes and with a bit of touching up to tone down some Rudolph noses, I think they turned out pretty darn adorable! This was the first shoot I have done on our property and I am pretty excite for next year ( when its not 30 degrees) to set up some more shoots here to take advantage of all the different settings!

These photos made great Christmas gifts and now they are free to hit the blog!

What better way to stay warm during a late fall photo shoot than to wrap right up in a festive fall quilt!

I love cable knit sweaters! They are absolutely adorable and I love how mom paired the two kids together in similarly knit sweaters and she went with a perfect fall plum knit sweater too. Cream and Plum make for a great fall photo shoot color scheme!