Ants In His Pants | Family Session | Conner Farm | Brentwood, NH

The title of this blog post could not be any more perfect, Mr. H could not sit still for more than 10 – 15 seconds at a time and he truly must have had ants biting his little bum! I set up three areas that he could choose from and it seemed as though he insisted on trying each one out the moment he arrived! We hopped from blanket to chair and even did a little bit of field running, but it was all in fun, and I truly think he had a great time! I never want to force a child … because seriously now, who can force a child to do anything they don’t want to do and still have them smile .. and the last thing I want to do it make for a miserable time for the child and an extra stressful time for the parents. So as we do, we rolled with it!

We shouted silly words like hamburgers and pickles, we talked about all kinds of cars and even took a few moment to listen to the motorcycles wiz by, follow that all up with tossing and balancing car keys on my head and we called it a day!

Mr.H you gave me a work out and you for sure tested the waterproof abilities on your moms makeup and I loved every true to life moment!

Now check out this adorable little man and his family!

 Aqua, Navy, White Color Scheme

Aqua, Navy, White Color Scheme

This face pretty much sums up Holden's photography session