Merry Christmas | Scary Santa! | But wait ... I want a John Deere Tractor

Yes it is nearly Christmas but we finally took Travis up to see Santa this week, and he did so good! Truth be told his grandparents took him a few weeks ago but we had to get in on the Santa visitation and go up again! I do not know how many times Travis has told us what he wanted Santa to bring him, it's been quite a few, but I have to say it has been consistent the entire time!
1. Green John Deere Tractor With A Bucket
2. Red Tractor
3. Fire Engine With A Large Bucket ( To rescue the baby)
Yup, only three items, and the bucket on the John Deere tractor seems to be very very important, because it is never forgotten and the bucket is also very very important for the fire engine. A very regular game that he plays is he makes us hold a baby ( always naked... why can't dolls and Barbies ever keep their clothes on!? ) and then he will run over with his fire truck and yell "Save the baby!!" and lift the ladder up and grab her and drive away, and we will do this over and over and over again.

We walked right up to Santa, no line at all! Amazing right! Also lets take a moment to talk about the amazing set up at Bass Pro Shop! Amazing Santa with real beard and mustache, reindeer, a gorgeous chair and little house, so fun! After a bit of a fuss to not sit on his lap, Santa snuck away and hid behind his house door and took a shot with the three of us sitting in the big chair, but after that Travis took three trips back to tell him what he wanted for Christmas, one item per run up the aisle. The last trip he paused for a moment and I was even able to get a smile out of him! Yup that squinty eyes goofy face is a Travis smile with a CHEEEEESE being said as he did it. Love it so much, and its a good thing his little face is cute because that little bum pushes it sometimes!


Gotta love an iphone shot!

And the tradition of sticking his head in the fish mailbox haha, check out instagram @AmyBrownNH under #LifeAccordingToTravis for last years shot! He love it, and yells in hello!