Lifestyle Newborn Session | Family Session | Exeter, NH

Little Miss.Aubree came into this world as a 9lb 2oz bundle of adorableness, a perfect little ball of love! Lets also not forget about her hair, I am pretty sure she came out with more hair than my son had on his second birthday! Beautiful dark brown locks, but really I could not expect anything less, her big sister Sophia has hair to die for! That is at least once she can style and brush it herself, man having a daughter is a lot of maintenance work! [...]

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Hampton Beach, NH | One Year Session | Emmery

It is hard to believe that little Emmery is already one year old! My journey with her started back during my spring mini sessions in Brentwood, NH at just a few months old! She is a serious little munchkin and insists on staring at me like I am a bit crazy when I try to get a smile, but never the less we end up with an adorable grin!

I am so happy to say that we had a warm 45 degree day this past week for the perfect session down at the dunes of Hampton Beach. The dunes acted as a perfect wind blocker, and the sea grass a beautiful natural background. [...]

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Exeter, NH Family Session | Mother & Daughter Duo

I have to say I was a bit concerned about this family session, as January in New Hampshire is not know for being warm and cozy, but it ended up being a calm 41 degree day and was perfect! After a slight mishap they were all smiles and working the camera. I may or may not have climbed the guard fence and almost slid down into the Exeter River, but I mean anything for the angle right!  As long as someone else was holding my camera and I didn't rip my jacket I was perfectly fine! [...]

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Oh Snow!! | New Hampshire Family Photographer | Personal

Yesterday we were so lovingly blessed with 6+ inches of snow, ugh, I was very much loving the fact that I wore flip flops on Christmas and hoping that the snow would at least hold off until the first of the year... nope. My little worker bee had to get out ASAP to start clearing snow away, first thing this morning we looked out the window and he noticed that the neighbors steps had not been shoveled, so he said he was going too

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Merry Christmas | Scary Santa! | But wait ... I want a John Deere Tractor

Yes it is nearly Christmas but we finally took Travis up to see Santa this week, and he did so good! Truth be told his grandparents took him a few weeks ago but we had to get in on the Santa visitation and go up again! I do not know how many times Travis has told us what he wanted Santa to bring him, it's been quite a few, but I have to say it has been consistent the entire time!

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New Hampshire Photographer | Mountain Get Away

This past fall I took some time to travel north into the White Mountains to meet with a friend and start to shoot some on location photos for his resort, this was a really fun change of pace from shooting weddings and families. The mountains didn't giggle and run away and for the most part the trains stayed still.

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Life According To Travis | Personal

I don't normally post a whole lot of extra photos on my blog of Travis, unlike Instagram where you will find him all the time, so I decided to bring my camera outside while we romped abut the yard. It's a relatively warm December day here in New Hampshire today, I think it's in the 40's with a bit of a breeze, so of course Travis refused a jacket, so two long sleeve shits would have to do,  I was lucky enough to get him in shoes!

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Epping, New Hampshire Family Photographer | Christmas Family Session

I showed up to this family session in flip flops and it was amazing! I mean really, flip flops at the end of November on the seacoast of New Hampshire, I will totally take it! The weather was so perfect to allow these kids to actually be completely comfortable and spunky rather than curled up in chilly bundles! [...]

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Beauty Revived | 50 Most Beautiful Women | New Hampshire

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Beauty Revived on their "50 Most Beautiful Women" campaign. They are an amazing organization that focuses on the real beauty of women. My favorite excerpt from their website is: " There seems to be a need for women who are not afraid to stand up and show that it matters very little what they look like, but rather matters a great deal who they are.The funny thing is these women don't like to be in the lime light. They don't feel deserving of praise and admiration because, well they don't do the things they do to gain the praise of the world. They are good because they know goodness and they are brave because they know who they are." This is why Sarah was chosen to represent New Hampshire, Sarah is the rock of her home and no matter what the circumstances, be it cancer or miscarriage she stood strong for her family. Check out the write up and leave her the love she deserves.

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Exeter, NH | Fall Family Photos | Kiley

Miss. Makenna was the sweetest little thing, and you never would have known that it was only 50 degrees and windy for this shoot, she just kept right on smiling!

This is a new location in Exeter, NH that I stumbled upon while out walking with my little man one day and I have to say it is amazing and I can not wait for each new season to come, to be able to see how its beauty changes. [....]

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What to Wear?! | Session Clothing Tips

When styling a photo session, I like to start out with a basic color palette and go from there. It can help to have one "rock star" in the photo who carries a pattern in their outfit that that the rest of the groupsclothing or accessories pulls from, while keeping everyone else's outfits more simple. You can do this with a neutral and a few colorful brights, or try a softer palette that has different tonal ranges of the same shape.
It's often easier to find the "center stage" pieces in girls and women's clothing, so I'll often start with the females and then pull color from their outfits to create a look for the boys and dads.

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Grow With Me | 6 Month Session | Swasey Parkway | Exeter, NH

I recently photographed…  I always want to type shot, and that just sounds so wrong! … this family at my spring mini session so it was very fun to see the difference in little Emery in just 3 months time, such a perfect reminder how fast they grow and change!

Now at 6 months it’s still up in the air as to whether or not a little one will be able to sit freely for any extent of time, my man had too large of a noggin that would tip him right over! But not this cutie! Her moms said they were unsure if she would be able to sit for very long without support so we positioned her with someone within catching distance, and she proved us all wrong, she sat like a champ! She looked around giggled and just looked to truly enjoy herself in all her big girl glory! Well until the end when she decided she was just done… of course there is an adorable crying face shot! [....]

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Miss. Makenna Is One | 12 Months | Cake Smash

Miss. Makenna is 100% as adorable as her name is and I am in love with her cheekies and sweet little pierced ears! I will say she was not nearly as in love with me as I with her, but I won her over eventually… I hope! As long as daddy and mommy jumped around behind me, we were good to go! I will say, as I said them them, this parenting this has got to be 95% survival … do. what. it. takes. Jump around to make them laugh, let them eat a cookie to make it through a grocery shopping trip, just survive, and of course laugh and enjoy all the moment in between!

Let them eat cake!

Or not …

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Family Session | Great Bay Discovery Center | Greenland, NH

This little man was a spunky one but oh so cute! I feel as though I start all of my posts like that, but I have to say I love when kids are comfortable enough to be spunky and be true to them, rather than nervous and quiet. I love having to move and bounce and catch them in the twist.
Unlike the last time I came to this location, this shoot was quiet as can be, just us out there on the quiet boardwalk, it was perfect to not have any distractions to pull the little guy away.

I was lucky enough to be able to bring my little man to this session with me and I have to say he was surprisingly good, strapped into his stroller with a full puff container, he was good to go. After the session was over we took a few minutes to explore the play boats that are ashore amongst the garden pathways. If you have not been here, it is a definite summer must visit location. There is even a wigwam about halfway down the trails to the boardwalk. [....]

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Irish | Spring Mini Session | Conner Farm | Brentwood, NH

This is one of my favorite families to photograph, not only is she one of my best friends but I have been given the privilege of photographing this munchkins from the very beginning! I love to be able to look back over my files and see them growing. It is so sweet and a definite reminder how quickly it all goes even when days seem long, the years fly by!

This little family had a very busy morning from one in gymnastics to the other at soccer, then racing to Conner Field for their spring mini session and you wouldn't have ever know!

They were so calm and focused and ready to shoot! [....]

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Fathers Day Session D.A.D | Swasey Parkway | Exeter, NH

Every year on fathers day and mothers day I see the little collage style pictures with the letters DAD and MOM, and this year I got my butt to the craft store and bought myself a D and an A! I am in love! It is so simple and yet so adorable! I did a few mini sessions because that’s just how I roll, something so cute has to be shared! I also had the thought afterwards that this would really work for any holiday or even birthday, a simple I, U and a heart and you have I ♥ U !

I packed up our gear and headed to Swasey Parkway in Exeter and then proceeded to beg, plead and chase around two crazy two year olds, until we got what is a perfect two year old smile… crazy little things but oh so adorable! After wiping away all the crumbs and dirt, the crazy things were good to go and of course the littlest munchkin was a perfect angel grinning away the whole time!

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Martin Family | Spring Mini Session | Conner Field | Brentwood, NH

This family is as sweet as could be, the little girls were so well behaved and absolutely adorable! They were my first family to arrive for the spring mini sessions and it was treat to have them ease me into the evening of shooting.

The littlest munchkin is three months old and was so quiet, she really was up for anything and peaceful as could be, not making a peep.

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Jones | Spring Mini Session | Conner Field | Brentwood, NH

This family was so sweet to work with and this little was as serious as ever, but oh so cute. I love the way the two boys coordinated their plaid, I call it "office chic"!

Don't let the serious face fool you, Mr. Matty is a very smart munchkin, he was signing along with his parents and come to find out he loves watching Signing Time, which is a huge favorite of my little man, it is an excellent, easy to follow, children's signing video set!

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Ants In His Pants | Family Session | Conner Farm | Brentwood, NH

The title of this blog post could not be any more perfect, Mr. H could not sit still for more than 10 – 15 seconds at a time and he truly must have had ants biting his little bum! I set up three areas that he could choose from and it seemed as though he insisted on trying each one out the moment he arrived! We hopped from blanket to chair and even did a little bit of field running, but it was all in fun, and I truly think he had a great time! I never want to force a child … because seriously now, who can force a child to do anything they don’t want to do and still have them smile .. and the last thing I want to do it make for a miserable time for the child and an extra stressful time for the parents. So as we do, we rolled with it!

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Spring Mini Session | Conner Farm | Brentwood, NH

I have to start by saying this is probably my favorite location that I have shot at, and my favorite time of year to shoot here. In the previous times of the year the grass was much shorter and obviously still beautiful, but now, late spring, the grass is a good foot to a foot and a half tall and just starting to sprout, this making it the perfect length to dance in the wind and really feel engulfed in it. I am a total country, organic photographer and I love the clean look of themulti-tonal green grass against the blue sky.

I arrived early as always to get the lay of the land and lay out my blanket and chair that I would be using as location starters. I call them starters because with children you never know exactly where they may land and I like to travel with them, so these two locations make good home bases! I did have to do a few full body rolls on the blanket to pat down the tall grass, and once I was done and pulled the blanketback up, it looked a lot like a crop circle, so if you hear of any alien sightings … ;)

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